STEM Workshops

STEM Innovation was founded to help support schools and teachers by delivering fun, interactive and engaging STEM programs that aim to inspire students. 

Whether it involves using everyday items or cutting edge technology, we always aim to get everyone involved and thinking outside the box!

Here are a few of the activities we offer:

Build an electric car from scratch with GreenPower, and race it at GoodWood

Lava Lamps - Use basic kitchen ingredients and investigate density

Leaf blower Challenge - Learn all about Bernoulli's principle

Magic of sound - Using Newtonian fluid 

Moon Rockets - Understanding the power of pressure 

Venom - Play with Ferro fluid a.k.a NASAs rocket fuel 

Craft a piano - Learn to code and work as a team with the Nintendo Switch Challenge

Ozobot racing - Use coding skills to escape the maze and win the prize

3D Printing - Make and design a product

VR Escape - Use high tech virtual reality equipment to see the world in VR

Sphero Challenge - Use your coding skills to get your boat to win.

F1 racing - experience the F1 world in VR  

Electric go-karting - Experience the power of an electric vehicle 

Nintendo Switch Challenge - Work with Labo kits  

Dry Ice Challenge

Stem in Movies - Learn about the magic of green screens and production  

Elephant toothpaste with a twist 

The Magic of Polymers - making worms 

Many more STEM Activities to come !